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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Gabon.

This article may have been censored by His Excellency, Robert Mugabe.

What's that? you don't agree with my official policies? You're trying to undermine
Zimbabwe and her precious democracy, aren't you? TRAITORS TO THE REVOLUTION!

The flag of Gabon. The trashcan has NO BAG in it, and it's represented upside down, so we have GABON.
Gabon's borders and cities.

With the quoting system, I don't have TO GAB ON & ON & ON... It's very usefull!

~ Oscar Wilde on Gabon

Gabon is a big north American country, located north of Canada and south of Mexico. The country's name is derived from the national moto, "Gab On!", witch the first Gabonese king, Armeggabbon, invented. Most of the gabonese people are part of an ancient mute tribe, and when they gaind their independency, Armeggabbon decided that the name Gabon is the more suitable than the other offer, TalkTalkTalk.


After the namless mute tribe was gone in 1665, the French founded Gabon as Jambon. Armeggabbon was the first king, and he declared independence on January 7, 1700. Nowdays, Gabon is the most talkedabout country in America, and its national sport, Talking, was adapted by American rappers.


The sport of talking was invented by Wills "Mith" "the rapper", a Gabonese former talkshow host. The rules are very simple and yet demanding:

  • One user is wrighting a message in the talkpage of an Uncyclopedian article.
  • A second user ( that could as well be the same one ) answers him, or wrights a different message with no relation to the first one.

The current talking champion of the world is the Talkon Niggers, after a great win over Chatterfield from England.

The famous talking match between Wilss "Mith" and J Lennon.