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Wikipedia doesn't have a proper article about Gammabet. It really wouldn't help those so-called-experts by writing one either.

The Gammabet is the backup to the Betabet, whose primary function is to serve as a backup to the Alphabet, which we all know by now is faulty. It was created circa 2263.9E BCE (Before Creative Enilghtment) and has been in use for over 2.2 Million Years. (This is due to a highly questionable use of a time portal in the late 46th century.) The Charecters in the Gammabet are so advanced that they can not be listed, and therefore do not exist. Using the logic of "I think, there fore I am," created by one Ralph Nader, the Gammabet has regulated it's self-consciousness into small quips know as blogs, and is intended for use only as a peanut-gallerusque commentary and ridicule.