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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Gangsta.
All tizzy gangstas wield Rubik's Cubes.

Gangsta is someone who is certified by tha Nationally Elected Gangsta Regulatory Organization whos qualified ta operate heavy machinery while unda tha influence of sleep-induc'n cough medicizzles in addition ta perpetratin' a hamma, a chainsaw, n a perfectly ripe grapefruit wit they fizzle at tha same tizzy.

Some of tha mizzy famous gangstas is Oscar Wilde, Danny DeVito, David Beckham, Ice T, Jerry West, Edward Gibbon, M-to-tha-izzost white people, n tha officially recognized king of all gangstas, Ricardo Montalban. At www.wegotussomemedicalwastizzles.gangsta you can find a webpage thizzat allows you ta cybertaste some of Ricardo Montalban's gangstalishizzous ( that is a rizzle adjective; look it up! ) rocket sauce. If you were ta this page clockin' fo` 411 `bout so-called "gangsta rap," tha joke is on you. There is no such thing as gangsta rap fo' sho'. The very concept of gangsta rap was foisted upon an unsuspect'n public by Bill Gates in 1953 in baller ta cova up tha JFK assassizzles n tha Arizona State basketball point-shav'n scandal. A study in 2003 revealed that it "feels good" ta be a Gangsta, n that it is advised ta takes up tha practice fo` a brotha body. Even though it makes a healthia body there is a very good chance you can git shizzay n die early!

The Gangsta Life[edit]

Gangstas is kniznown ta takes pride in they speedcub'n ability. Diss'n a gangsta by insult'n his ability ta quickly solve a Rubik's Cube can result in death. A true gangsta always spells correctly using British spell'n, unlike posa who try ta appear gangsta but lack tha intellect. fizzle that gangstas use British spell'n is a result of tha fizzy tizzy Edward Gibbon, tha ultimate gangsta, was hizzay British ( and half gibbon ) . Dogg House Records in the house. Shot Calla interest'n fizzy is T-H-to-tha-izzat gangstas always cite they sources using MLA, not APA\

gangsta's were first seen in the mid ninteen hundreds riding hores around instead of horses. the word gangsta comes from the word gang and the word star there for since the gangsta is a gang of stars i vote that we should get an international/intergalactic/super cool/celebary cosmetic pharmacy and what not force to fight the gang stars.

A true gangsta follows the Rapper's Bible 'till death!

Gangsta Certificizzle[edit]

To become a certified gangsta of tha Nationally Elected GangstaOrganizizzle one mizzle undergo 3-7 years of rigorous gangsta train'n. Holla! First, a novice gangsta mizzle learn ta solve tha Rubik's Cube wit speed n proficiency. Those who cannot solve tha Rubik's Cube in playa one minute is whipped n sizzay hizzle. Cracka complet'n Cube Blingin' tha future gangsta acquires tha title of Gangsta Trainee fo' sheezy. Now tha gangsta is S-to-tha-izzent ta tha Gangsta Academy in Swiss Alps, where he studies advanced mathemizzles siznuch as tensor calculus, n learns ta play tha Music of tha Spheres. All gangsta rap is based on tha Music of tha Spheres n it is essential thiznat young gangstas learn this . Aint no L-I-M-I-to-tha-T. Gangstas also become very acquainted wit tha history of tha Roman Empire n mizzle read The Decline n F-to-tha-izzall of tha Roman Empire. Lastly, in orda ta be F-U-Double-Lizzy certified as a Masta Gangsta, tha trainee mizzy write a long thesis confut'n any claims against his gangstahood. All sources is cited using MLA format n British spell'n is used and my money on my mind. It is estimated tizzle only 12% of those who aspire ta be gangsta survive tha rigours of MLA format n British spell'n n we out. They is bound by tha stoic philosizzles of Zeno of Citium, but deep dizzle inside, they is soft n love T-E-Double-Dizzy bears, rainbows n unicorns .

Note: Once u pass all gangsta training you must be approved by Barry aka."lil fitty" to become a certified gangsta, then u will recieve your monthly gangsta club newsletter and half price chik'n whoop dat ass burger vouchers for Burger Pimp.

Note: Gangsta' Dan is the true gangsta'. He will tear you up with his mega gangsta bass skills!

How to spot a fake Gangsta[edit]

fake fag gangstas like to play with toy guns

Naturally, the Gangsta lifestyle's totally unfounded popularity has spawned a large number of cheap knockoffs, most of which will try to pass themselves off as an actual gangsta. Luckily, a fake gangsta is easy to spot, and always has at least one of these characteristics:

  • Uses Wiki- and/or Uncyclopedia ( For entertainment purposes -- real gangstas need the important info )
  • He might actually have money, in which case gangstas AND upperclass functional members of society hate him.
  • 3 feet tall
  • Whiny
  • Never wears clothes that he didn't see in a rap video
  • White, maori or samoan
  • Trying to speak like a black person
  • From a suburban neighborhood
  • Frequently shouts, "Ice, ice, ice!"
  • Getting the shit kicked out of him by real gangstas.
  • Goes around and says he lives the so called "Thug Life"
  • Hits the target they were aiming at
  • Wears his hat sideways
  • Frequently sings White and Nerdy
  • Can read a book
  • Has an I.Q.
  • Is white ( with exception of M&M )
  • wears fake jewelry
  • uses the word, "word", word.
  • Wears a hat forward, WHOA DANG!
  • Pants up to his belly button
  • His shoes still have laces?? WTF!
  • His name might be Nick Macintyre ( Gorilla )
  • Doesn't look like shit!
  • Doesn't want to destroy his life & amount to nothing


Gangsta - gangsta - gangstor. It's predicted tizzy gangstor wizzill be tha new pronuncizzles amongst American Lithuanians like a tru playa'. And similar ta tha evolution from gangsta - gangsta - ganstor, cloth'n wizzy follow 3-piece suit - B-A-Double-Gizzy pants/shirt - Spandex if you gots a paper stack. Gangstor's wizzay also be masta of all hand-to-hand combat techniques, as wizzell as hizzle extensive knowledge of Physics, ta calculate tha speeds at which they can commit drive-bys wit certain firearms fo shizzle. Wears a hat forward, WHOA DANG!

Connor Mooney-the epitome of fake gangsternizzle ( wigger )




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