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I think that gay marriage should be between my fist and your stomach!

~ Arnold Schwarzenegger on Gay Marriage

Gay marriages? Why do I need to care if faggots can marry or not? I don't. Want to marry, that is.

~ Scientist on Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage is a controversial political issue in the United States of America. It poses the question, "Should a married couple actually be happy during the course of their marriage and after?"

Opponents of Gay Marriage say "no", often citing the following principles:

  • Other countries that have legalised gay marriage, such as The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Mars and South Africa are clearly suffering God's wrath and social disintegration.
  • The husband is always subservient to the wife or vice versa.
  • Marriage is not meant to be enjoyed.
  • Marriage exists to produce step-children.
  • Happy marriages are unholy.
  • Marriage necessarily consists of three rings, namely the engagement ring, wedding ring and suffer-ring.
  • Hey, don't you think that guy is kind of hot, Bruce?

Legality and Legalization As of 2006, Gay Marriage is illegal in most of the United States. Some US Cities -- such as San Francisco, California -- have experimented with legalization of Gay Marriage. The purpose of these experiments is unclear, and conspiracy theories abound. Some think that so long as Gay Marriage is an underground, illegal activity, city authorities and divorce lawyers can earn no fees on these marriages. However, people tend to spend more money on comfort goods, especially Southern Comfort, when they are unhappy in a marriage. Legalizing Gay Marriage, then, may be a way to determine if marriage license fees and litigation from allowing Gay Marriages can outweigh the tax money lost from less spending on Southern Comfort. There are other possible reasons for a Gay Marriage experiment. For instance, social scientists may be able to determine whether unhappy marriages or Gay marriages produce more or better children.

During the 2004 US general elections, several states passed laws prohibiting married couples from enjoying blissful married lives. Most of these states also voted overwhelmingly for President George W. Bush over Democratic contender John F. Kerry in the presidential election, underscoring the evangelical belief that God disapproves of happy marriages.

Other News Recently, gay people have have begun lawsuits against the governments of different jurisdictions in an attempt to make Gay Marriage manditory for all citizens. Their line of reasoning is that not being in a same-sex marriage is homophobic.

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