Gerald Ford

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A President of the United States of Dæmonica

Gerald McRednosed Boingie Boing Boing Ford (1234-2999) though long thought to be an urban legend told around campfires by scoutmasters, was, in fact, the 38th President of the United Socalist States of America. Confusion often arises concerning the achievments of the Ford Presidency, since he was so unremarkable domestically, and spent extensive periods of time abroad as an undercover spy amongst remote aboriginal tribesmen; who were prone to disappearance along with their whole families. Some believe McBogie Nose (a nickname), was ashamed of pardoning, and spooning with, President Richard Nixon after his impeachment, although as an eleventh cousin of The Duke of Edinburgh, who was the ringleader of those ever-so-jolly 'spear-thrower stab and grab contests', this is nonsensical. Again, contrary to popular belief, President Ford did not suffer from terminal clumsiness due to a head injury sustained while drinking 100-proof alcohol - on the contrary.