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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about German.
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Because it wasn't. Really.

Germanese usage worldwide[edit]

Of the world's nine million speakers of the language, it is though four million are dead or have died at some point in the past. That leaves thirty two living and (at least partially) sane native speakers. They hail from such provinces as Deutschland, Papua New Guinea and north Leeds.

How to communicate if you meet a Germanese speaker[edit]

Flail your arms wildly. Failing that (or should that be 'flailing' that) speak to them in English. Everyone speaks it now, you know. Except that guy from S4C.

Diese ist scheiße!

~ Deutsch Uncyclopedian

A German (pl. Germen) is a man who is a Sine.

No diggety

~ Some guy

Women can also be Gers but they are usually Gerwomen.

German as a language[edit]

see Germanese

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