God Hates Lamp

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God Hates Lamp is a little-known campaign launched by Fred Phelps while stoned for a brief period in 2005. It was focused on the evils of the Lamp, which represents a lamp, as well as Carpet and Desk. Rumours indicate that Phelps had been consuming mass quantities of cocaine before watching "The Notecock," which caused him to misinterpret one scene as a vision. That scene is described below.

The Scene/"Vision"[edit]

FRED PHELPS: God hates...Tamia. God hates... desk.

JACK T. CHICK: Fred, are you just looking at things in the room and saying God hates them?

FRED: God hates lamp.

JACK: Does God really hate the lamp or are you just saying that because you saw it?

FRED: God hates lamp; God hates lamp.