Golden Rule

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The Golden Rule is part of the bible. Not one of the Ten Commandments (as proven on Little House on the Prairie ), but frequently confused as one, the Golden Rule states "Do unto others before others can do unto you." This is not to be confused with Donald Trump's Golden Rule, which is "He who has the gold, rules."

Many gangbanger and Mafia slayings are perfect examples of doing unto others before they can do you in. Examples include:

  • Dom "The Touch" Valperaiso doing unto Jimmy "The Pimp" Roma on a tip from from Frankie "The Tongue" Mannaci
  • Buster Hyman unto Sniff Cooty Doggz
  • Taquisha Samone unto Andre Robinson's high-yellow ho Monique Jones
  • Southern Baptist Conservative Republicans unto to Harriet "President Bush is such a neat guy" Myers