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Haga is an Indian company that produces rip-offs of every Sega game in existance. Being a ripoff of Sega, they produce every piece of crap that ever existed on Earth. It's a portmanteau of Hags and Games. Interestingly enough, "Haga" is English for an old witch. It was founded by Mahras Rosal in 1941.


Haga first manufactured pachinko games in 1946 to supply the Japanese and the Americans who occupied Japan some form of entertainment, because they loved gambling. Since then, they tried competing against Nintendo in games and sex clubs. But in 1967, Haga was bought out by Nintendo. Haga instead becomes a bitch of Nintendo. In 1976, Haga was sold to Sega because Sega does Haga much better than what Nintendon't to Haga.

In 1982, Haga released the SG-1000 to India, Korea and China. But it suffered from poor sales in India because there wasn't any TVs in India, let alone electricity. But in Korea, it was a miracle. But it all ended into 1983 when SEGA was a victim and HAGA had to be relied on for console ideas. Haga split apart from Sega in 1986, and created cheap knockoffs of Sega games and consoles. In 1992, they created Speed the Cheetah, a rip-off of Sonic the Hedgehog. At the same time, the Exodus console was released. Being a rip-off of the Sega Mega Drive, its success was parallel to the Mega Drive/Genesis/whatever this POS is called.

As a result, Segata Sanshiro, the president of Sega, bought Haga back to Sega in 1996. Haga enjoyed the good times under Segata Sanshiro and became prosperous. Despite low sales, Haga was still popular in India.

The End of Haga[edit]

In 2001, the ailing Segata Sanshiro died and Sega became bankrupt. Sega attempted to sell Haga to Nintendon't but they died out and ended up with Nintendo. Being in need, Haga released a bailout for Sega and in the end, Haga was sold to Microsoft. When Haga was under Microsoft, the company was transformed into a distributor for Microsoft's games to India.

The result of pirating Sonic games. Note the yellow tint.

It looked stupid, but when Microsoft established their office in Bangalore, Haga slowly faded, and like Sega, disappeared much from history. But then, it was sold to Nintendo in 2010. Haga since then became a sockpuppet of Nintendo.

The Management[edit]

Nearly all of Haga's employees are Indian. No complaint there. But the only complaint is that every area of Haga is full of furry artwork. Half of the stock is owned by Sega, and the rest is owned by Michael Jackson, who developed lots of games for Haga prior to his death in 2009, and Sonic the Hedgehog, who is a poverty-stricken hedgehog who is homeless and keeps begging for money.