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Hoohah as vagina[edit]

Females were created to be a host to vaginas and sustain their lives by supplying oxygenated blood, and to enable their transportation. Some experts claim that the original intended use of the vagina was to steal fresh souls from men who've been huffing too much, others claim they are meant for sex, but everyone agrees that we are all pleased to have them.

Professors of vaginology are commonly referred to as vaginarians, whereas those who avoid eating meat are called vegetarians.

"Farts" Conspiracy[edit]

The world's leading expert on vaginology, Dr Condoleeza Rice, has suggested that the vagina's true purpose lies in the fabled "pussy fart", in which the vagina forces out a mysterious hydrocarbon gas capable of killing millions by means of hornification. Because of its overall deadliness, none have been able to analyse it in its entirety. All that is speculated is that if the atmosphere reaches critical levels, massive horniness could be achieved and that in the case of such an event all men and homosexual females -- everyone who ever lusted after pussy -- will die.