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Horace Export is New Haskodromia's Number One Beer , the most popular drink in The Haskodrome after Staylar. It is brewed using a traditional centuries old method involving iron filings, barium meal and nitrous oxide. Until 1957, Horace Export was Classed as an industrial poison, however due to continual pressure from the citizens, it was finally rated "PG" along with all other alcoholic products.


Horace Export - New Haskodromia's Number One Beer™

Horace Export has a strong taste of sulphur and elderberries, and renders the drinker into a drunken stupor within about ten minutes of quaffing. It was the drink of choice of the The Bort Police, and was implicated in the famous Horacegate scandal, which led to the resignation of the Commissioner Lord Graeme Christ.

The beer was brewed by The Haskodrome's famous Horace Shipperly-Worsthorne, an eccentric landowner from Kiptown Upon Windsearching. Upon drinking his first ever brew, Shipperly-Worsthorne claimed to feel an extreme high, and according to neighbours, was unable to complete the game of connect four, due to his inebriated state.