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The torture of lots of hot dogs
Anatomy of the hot dog

A hot dog, also called a weiner, frankfurter (frank for short), or penis, is the most badly abused and mistreated breed of the dog species.

Poor little hot dogs notoriously undergo the following treatments from human beings:

  • Freezing to very cold temperatures in the freezer
  • Boiling in very hot water
  • Barbecuing on the grill
  • Ferris wheel rides in a hot cooker
  • Placement in a piece of bread known as a "bun"
  • Peddling at street stands and in

Baseball stadiums

  • Smearing with mustard, sauerkraut, and K-Y Jelly
  • Forcing into a woman's vagina with just to give a man a high and a woman a baby
  • Having huge amounts of semen squeezed out
  • And, finally, getting eaten by humans (OUCH!!!!!)

History of the hot dog[edit]

The hot dog has always been around with us. Every male is born with a hot dog. It starts out very tiny, and then it grows naturally until the man is in his early 20s or so. It grows even more every time it is in a woman's vagina, in another man's anus, in the mouth of a member of either sex, or whenever it is rubbed by its owner.

Of all these places for it that make it grow, the mouth is the favorite for everyone because it tastes so good. In order to have the best possible taste, it must be rubbed very slowly for several minutes or hours, a process known as foreplay. After that, it must be eaten quickly before it cools down or else it has no taste at all. But if eaten correctly, it'll produce a lot of juices that taste really good.

Other Names[edit]

Hot Dog

  1. Wiener
  2. Dong
  3. Johnson
  4. Wang
  5. Poinker
  6. Floyd
  7. Rod
  8. Pole
  9. Dittler
  10. Jimbler
  11. Dinga-ling
  12. Man Meat
  13. DICK
  14. COCK

Sales of the hot dog[edit]

Hot dog sales are very disorganized. In the store, hot dogs are sold in packs of 10. But the buns for them are sold in packs of 8. This is done intentionally by manufacturers in order to sell the most possible. To have the same number of each, you have to buy 4 packages of hot dogs and 5 packages of buns.

Finding a buyer is another challenge. In many places, it is illegal. The buyers are normally found in red light districts. They stand out on street corners looking for the next seller to come along. They are motivated by the need for money for their next fix.