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Howard Stern trying to fake people into thinking that he is Jesus because he is the anti-christ

Howard "A or K" Stern is a successful radio star who married the late great American Princess Anna Nicole Smith. He has authored many books including Penis, How I Overcame Homosexuality, and Winston Churchill the Early Years. He spends his days in a cramp studio with an obese WOP ( Artie Lange ), a Martian ( Fred Norris ), and an obese dumb oaf ( Gary Delabate ) and the beautiful black big tittied Robin Quivers.

Early life[edit]

Howard Stern has no actual penis, due to an accident in which the Rabbi cut off his penis in a botched circumcision. Due to this horrifying accident, Howard's nose has taken the place of his penis and can grow to the size of seven inches when fully erect. Due to the trauma Howard was not a popular child and spent his life from age 4 to 30 watching TV, masturbating, playing with dolls and masturbating to TV and dolls.

Career in radio[edit]

Eventually Howard Stern found success in radio by being able to talk with celebrities, giving strippers breast exams, and making fun of people, a job that basically anyone could do. The difference you and Howard Stern is that he has perfected the skill of Jewdi Mind Trick which makes you lol at his every comment.

Current career[edit]

Howard Stern is currently employed in the satellite radio business with Sirius, where he can share his views and opinions over the air to the awaiting ears of his fans. He also runs an underground phone sex operation with his strippers, who might actually be men.


  • Howard jokingly ran for President of the United States in 2000. He got three-million votes and the state of Alaska on his "no new strippers" platform.
  • He had a restraining order against Terri Schiavo, calling her a "dangerous woman."
  • His mother checked his temperature using a anal

thermometer since he was 3 to 35.

  • He spent a considerable amount of time trying to convince Rosie O'Donnell] to go on a diet, but was never able to. He considers this to be his greatest failure.
  • In 2012, Howard Stern will start a cult, only to have it ( the cult ) and himself become ancient history after a scuffle with the ATF and FBI.
  • Many famous characters are based off of Howard Stern, including Toucan Sam, Gonzo, Arthur the Aardvark, and Horton the Elephant.

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