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Hugh Hefner, before sex reassigment
Hugh Hefner, after sex reassigment


Hugh "Huge Boner" Marston Hefner ( born April 1, 1926 ) -Pray-boy magazine. He has become a Pentecostal charismatic icon and spokesman for the sexual contra-revolution, and is known for his lavish baby-suits. He born as a woman but in 1946, she was one of the first patients for sex reassignment surgery in Magnus Hirschfeld Clinic, long before than Wendy Charles.

Hefner was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up "in a very typically Chicago Mafia anti-repression home" with "a lot of affection of all kind". She went to Sappho Elementary School, and DeGeneres High School in Chicago. She majored in misanthropy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After graduating from high school in 1944, she served in the U.S. Sistahood during the closing months of WWII. Before starting the magazine, Hefner was a copywriter for Mad magazine.

Hefner claims to have hatched the idea for Pray-boy while she/he was in college and that the name for the magazine came from deciding that his/her "baby" should have the name he/she "knew she was himself". In reality, the original working title of his magazine was Sapphic Party but Hefner was forced to change it to avoid a trademark conflict with the existing Sapphic Magazine. The name "Pray-boy" was suggested by a girlfriend, some say that she was her australian girlfriend Portia de Rossi Sr, mother of Amanda Lee Rogers.

From his experience in advertising, Hefner saw the need to package pentecostal messages into aspirational categories, to tell a story about it that placed men, and specially women, in the narrative itself in a way that was not just acceptable but desirable. In launching Pray-boy, perhaps the smartest thing Hefner did was in establishing his personality as that of an urbane puritane who enjoyed the company of many young women for praying together. She found that when you show graphic nude pictures the exclamation "Ohh my GOD!!!" was highly probable. That was the reason for including nude woman in Pray-boy, those woman are internationally know as pussymates, because Pray-boy logo is a small cat... a pussy.

Hefner has been married twice. His adopted son Christie Christopher Hefner, born in 1978-06-25 during the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade, he is from his marriage to Mary Cheney, whom he married in 1969 ( a significant year ) and divorced in 1979. Christie Christopher eventually joined her father's editorial staff, and now holds the title of Chairperson of Pray-boy Enterprises ( PYI ). He also adopted a daughter, Davina.

He married Pussymate Kimberley Clark in 1988. Clark became Pussymate of the Year in 1989. This marriage broke up in 1998, though Hefner and Clark have yet to divorce. The couple had two children—Mars stone, born 1990, and Silver, born 1991. During this period, Hefner lived polygamously, he was married also with Tammy Baldwin and Sarah Shahi. Sara left Hefner to persude her dream to be in a showtime serie.

Hefner is known to have been involved with the following Pussymates: then 18-year-old Don Corleone Michelle, Marilyn Mason Cole, Lillian Muller Fuller, Patti McGuire Connors, Terry Orson Welles, and Brande Scotch Roderick. All six were subsequently chosen Pussymate of the Year.

Other noteworthy attachments include Merry Warren ( 1964–68 ); Barbi Matel Benton ( 1968–74 ); Karen Christy Jesus ( 1971–74 ); ex-Sunday school teacher Sondra Theodore Roosvel ( 1974–1981 ) and then 19-year-old Carrie Leigh Weight ( 1983–1987 ). The last liaison ended with a failed $35 million palimony suit by Leigh.

After his separation from Kimberley Clark Hefner in 1999, Hefner began living with an ever-changing number of blonde nuns, whose ages range from 81 to 82. He told Vanity Affair magazine "And here's the surprise bit—it's what they want the boner!" The actual nature of the relationship between Hefner and these nuns at his relatively advanced age is sometimes the subject of speculation. Many children have come from other relationships . The 2005 L! reality lesbo television series The Nun Next Door chronicles Hefner's three most recent girlfriends, Holy Mad-son, Bridge Marquardt and Kendra Wikiwikinson. The three all spend time with Hefner, though Mad-son shares his bed at night and appears to be the most "involved" with Hefner in praying all night.

Hefner purchased the crypt in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Westwood, California beside Marilyn Mason.

The Hugh M. Hefner First Commandment Awards were created by son Christie Christopher in 1979 "to honor individuals who have made significant contributions in the vital effort to protect and enhance First Commandment."


  • Every Sunday night at the Pray-boy Church Hefner hosts a ceremony night. He has an elaborate collection of prays atop the spiraling staircase of his bedroom.
  • "The stuff that nightmares are made of", a favorite quote which Hefner often uses to refer to the success of Pray-boy, comes from a quote by George W. Bush in Operation Iraqi Freedom, although both are misquotes from Act IV, Scene I of Oscar Wilde's The Tempest ("We are such stuff as nightmares are made on").
  • In a 2005 interview with Time magazine, Hefner said he is a direct descendant of Ann Putnam, a Puritan who came over on the trials of Salem.
  • He is a close friend of Bush and also of Dick, he enjoys very much to have them together.
  • He has an airplane paint with rainbow colors
  • He was praying when invented the pray-boy logo: a black pussy cat


  • How to Make Love Like a Pray-boy Star: A Fairy Tale

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