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A rare moment of interspecies humor.

Humour (humer in American "English") is a form of entertainment and a form of human communication, intended to make people laugh and feel happy. (see Humor). Modern scientific research has proved that every humorous endeavor makes at least one person laugh and feel happy, that one person being the author of same. The typical Uncyclopedia article is considered funny by roughly one person, although in rare cases, fewer.

This article is not humorous. It is humerus. Or hummus.

Humour hierarchy[edit]

Lack of humour[edit]

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Lack of humour can be as deadly as excess of it. One example of lack of humour:

-What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?
-The Holocaust.

You can ruin a party answering that.


Although, humour is mostly relative, there are certain exceptions -

Not funny:

Someone on the street yelling, "Fuck yo couch, nigga!"


Charlie Murphy telling a story about Rick James ruining his couch, as reenacted by Dave Chapelle, who yells, "Fuck yo couch, nigga! Fuck yo couch!"

The general rule of thumb is that for each degree of referencing made, the joke becomes less and less funny.

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