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The Impeach algorithm is used to ensure the fair allocation of imps to members of a group. In the trivial case, n imps are to be distibuted amongst n people; thus, they get an imp each.

An impeachable offense

Def 2. US Politics[edit]

A little-known section ( Article 2, Section 19 ) of the US Constitution, which states " those cases where the Party with a majority in the Lower House of the United States Congress is not the party of the President, the Majority Party shall, at it's discretion, appoint a partizan Independent Consul with the unlimited powers to utilize Public Funds to investigate anything the President may or may not have done or possibly ever considered doing that might embarrass him. The result of this investigation, which may employ, but is not limited to, slander, liable, calumny, lies, and innuendo shall be presented to the House of Representatives just prior to the next General Election with the aim of getting more votes for the Party in the Majority.

On September 11, 1998 Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr delivered an official report to the House Judiciary Committee detailing his investigation into the conduct of President William Jefferson Clinton. The report, which Starr and the Republican Leadership were careful to explain was not about sex, consisted of 5,280 pages of graphic descriptions ( pictures being unavailable ) of various sexual acts involving tobacco products between President Clinton and intern and consenting adult Monica Lewinsky, none of which were actually illegal. Pages 5,281 - 5,282 concluded that the President had lied about his sex life, just like most American males, and that he should be impeached, drawn and quartered, shot, and hung, in that order.

The historical report was almost lost to humanity when Special Prosecutor Robert Fisk, Jr., a Moderate Republican, seemed on the verge of failing to carry out his duty to the Republican Party by not recommending Impeachment. Realizing the need to act swiftly to avert a Constitutional crisis, in August, 1994 Fisk was replaced by Starr, a conservative activist and known Clinton enemy. Having only four years in which to act before the Election in 1998, Starr swiftly investigated Whitewater, a real estate deal, Travelgate, which accused Clinton of firing people so he could give the jobs to his friends, Filegate, something to do with files, and various other "-gates", none of which anybody really cared about. The investigation had spent what is believed to be almost $5,000.11 when Ms. Lewinski's role was uncovered, and thankfully the US Treasury came up with the additional $47,994,999.89 needed to publicise her role in the Impeachment process.