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...Although, frankly I've read funnier things on a packet of crisps.Inspector Morse is a fictional character created by author Nigel Kneale in stories such as The Inspector Morse Xperiment and Inspector Morse and the Pit. The stories were adapted for television, starring the Norse god John Thor in the title role.

Morse is a British police officer, based in Oxbridge, who uses a rostrum camera to investigate mysteries caused by the mad scientists at the 514.5 colleges of Oxbridge University. His forename was kept secret until just before his death at the end of the last story The Inspector Morse Conclusion, when it's revealed to be Ken (short for Kendevour).

ITV has recently created a spin-off about how Morse's sidekick Shari Lewis was a never-ending crusader for truth, justice, and the American way under the secret identity of Lambchopman.