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We live in an age where people are so industrious that they become absolutely stupid

~ Oscar Wilde on Stupidity

There is only one thing worse than stupidity, and that is Intelligence

~ Oscar Wilde on Intelligence

Clever people never listen and stupid people never talk

~ Oscar Wilde on Intelligence

Intelligence is a natural capability mostly found in children and uneducated Human Resources that is probably the single most important threat to Civilization.

Historical Perspective[edit]

The History of Intelligence is comprised of two main eras: the history of its Origination and Development which probably took millions of years, and the History of Civilization, i.e. the gradual elimination of Intelligence which is much shorter, measurable in thousands of years.

Humanity's first successful attempts at controlling this threat to human society took the form of organized Religion.

As Civilization progressed, the use of Religion was never totally abandoned but its use was taken over by governments and complemented by the development of Education for application on children and teenagers, and after World War II mostly by american multinational corporations and Management Science and its Leadership discipline, for the use on uneducatable adults, i.e. adults who are not yet stupid.

Why women have been proved to be more intelligent than men[edit]

The only thing modern women do not understand is their husbands.

~ Oscar Wilde on Women's and Men's intelligence
Woman reflecting on how lucky she is not to have one of these constantly draining her brain's blood

With the rise of modern Science, it has been proven by the ex-Dean of Harvard University, Larry Summers, that women are naturally more intelligent than men. Though this statement originally raised a lot of protests from politically correct perspectives which forced him to resign, later scientific research confirmed this Theory as statistically true.

Women´s higher intelligence is linked to the drainage of blood in the brain which takes distinct forms in male and female humans. While women do have an impairment of their inteligence during menstruation, this is only temporary and affeccts them a few days a month; in Men, however, every erection drains blood from the brain which combined with men´s fascination with their own penises seems to inflict permanent damage on the brain.

Many sustain that women are not only more intelligent , but also resilient in their resistance to different methods of intelligence supression, mainly Education and Leadership development. This is probably why women have been barred from becoming priests, rabbi's or mullah's, as well as been barred for centuries from leadership positions.

It can also be said that Females are more intelligent in the social areas of life, who knocked up who and who did what, while men are more shallow and simple, which can sometimes be smarter than knowing the relationships in the school. It can also be said that women in general can't drive as well as men, probably because the male instrumentation helps with direction sense.

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