International Moustache Championships

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The International Moustache Championships started in 1973 as a way of forgetting about the Lower North Middleton Pie Riots. They've occurred bi-annually every four years since.

The last two winners of the championship came in second place to a person who drew their moustaches with eyeliner. This was later discovered in the drug, steroid and face makeup tests and the rightful winners were awarded their tiny combs and scissors.

Famous winners include[edit]

  • Courtney Love (1973)
  • Tamia's pubes (1975)
  • Steve Urkel (1976)
  • a decaying Adolf Hitler (1978),
  • Scatman John (1985),
  • the German International Curling squad (1988)
  • Jerry Springer (1991)
  • Geraldo Rivera (2004)
  • Steve Urkel (2006)
  • Mario (2024)