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Because of their incurable biases, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will probably never have an article about JC-Bashers. We are sorry they insist on being this lame.


JC-bashers are a group of people (Organized not unlike a Water Polo Club) after their first club president saw the enormous marketing potential of selling people a black book with shiny things on the front.

JC-bashers employ a strange form of mind control based again on shiny things and the book they are attached to.

The JC-bashing manual (i.e. shiny book) is based on an interesting character called God, who has been known to smite on occasion, and go to wild immaculate parties. one of these crazy affairs led to the guy named Jesus. He advocated the crazy idea people shouldn't be jerks, and modelled his club after that. Naturally, this was interpreted through "dogma" and creative abacus use to say that as long as you aren't a jerk, you can be as mean as you want to to jerks. Because they deserve it.

In recent years, Jesus's original club ideas have been threatened by a so-called Satan (some say disguised as Harry Potter) and his rival club. Satan said, "Why listen to you? why not just do whatever you want?" J.C. rebutted this well thought argument with his thoughts, "Because I have a shiny black book, and you do not." Faced with this, Satan stormed out crying.

JC-bashers can be recognised from the holy white glow emerging from their bodies. (Just kidding. It's really from tinfoil hats.) If you see one, don't let him try to convince you to join his club. They will be nice, but when they hypnotize you with the shiny book, you are done for. You have been warned.


Jesus is a cool guy, and do not let any idiot JC basher or Uncyclopedia author (Read: Me) convince you otherwise. Although some of the clubs about him are cooler than others. (this author suggests the ones with shiny things and snack-time are best) besides, it cannot hurt to be on his good side.