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Jewish Cabaret is a legendary art form first created by the Jee man himself as an alternative method to enlighten those with a short attention span and a flair for musicality.


In the early years of educational Jewish cabaret there were only rudimentary resources for such artistic pursuits and to get two proficient accompanists was a veritable Broadway production. Commonly the supporting artists would play castanets and sometimes the odd lute on a particularly festive occasion. The real aim of this art form is to communicate the word of God, but not in the indoctrinating and frankly boring fashion practised in so many synagogues. Nowadays the format of Jewish Cabaret has changed to cater for the contemporary Jew. Modern versions endeavour to portray the fundamental lessons of Judaism in a light-hearted celebratory setting conducive to active learning and participation. However the fundamental principle and beliefs illustrated have remained a constant

Famous Cabaret Pieces[edit]

The infamous and repeated set pieces usually encompass a favourite quality or ethic within the Jewish community. Many of these have been better described on the “Jews” page; however a few notorious examples are listed below. A particular favourite is the Good Samaritan number. Firstly a dramatic presentation of the Good Samaritan parable is performed. The MC (who is traditionally known as the [Messiah|Eddie Vedder]) then asks the audience if there is anything wrong with the Samaritan’s actions, this is usually followed by a confused sometimes tense silence. Then an alternative is performed where the Samaritan takes the casualty to a free hospital and demands renumeration from his family. This succinctly portrays the compassionate yet economical attitude renowned in the contemporary Jew.

Cabaret Stars[edit]

Oliver Cohen (January 27th 1987 – present) first discovered in a small bar in Soho has now become an icon in the Jewish cabaret scene, infamous for his signature dance move the “tushy twizzle”. First scouted whilst a student at a London university, he was quickly teamed with “The Mad about Jew Crew” an experienced backing band having supported many acts in their 20 years of experience on the Jewish cabaret scene. Oliver Cohen has quickly gathered a cult following, and after his recent jewnosectomy and a new brand of hair straighteners specifically for the Jewfro the homosexual Jewish community have become ardent followers. His success has culminated in an Eastern European tour (where the majority of his fan base resides) and consistently performing to sell out venues.


  • Like so many pseudojews he does not write his own sermons as although proficient in reading Hebrew he does not understand it.
  • It was only in his second year of medical school did Oliver Cohen discover his passion for the stage after stumbling upon a famous cabaret venue in Soho on his way to the dissecting room.
  • His legendary lime green lycra cat-suit is made entirely of biodegradable fabric.

That’s The End Of It[edit]

This pioneering biannual journal is fast becoming the most regularly read newspaper amongst the Jewish community. It tackles issues ranging from lifestyle tips, kosher recipes and How to Convert a Christian Sections to high brow research articles proving the facts behind Judaism and personal stories of anti-Semitism.