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The Jewshido is a strict code of conduct followed by all ninjews who use ninjewtsu. This code is as follows.

1. Don't eat pork unless its really tasty pork or merely bits of pork in something else.

2. Always check the pockets of any victim for loose change. If there is, put it in a jar and coinstar it later, you putz (sic)

3. Always practice silent assassination when possible, but afterwords you can talk about it as much as you want with your relatives and friends.

4. Never face another ninjew who is true to the Jewshido in combat unless God himself has condoned it.

5. Never platz.

6. Be Hasidic, oi veh.

7. Wear your little Jew hat with pride.

8. Urinate on any nazi paraphanalia you come across. (this rule added in 1943, I wonder why.)