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John "Too" Tyler was a musician and koala hunter during the early nineteenth century. He was also President at some point.

Musical Career[edit]

Tyler was frontman for an early rock band called The Lords of the Underworld. After the arrival of a new frontman, Timmy!, Tyler formed a new group called Reach for the Tyler, whose breakthrough album, Touch My Tippecanoe, and Tylers Too!, was hailed as a milestone in the lesbo rock movement.

Koala Hunter[edit]

Tyler gained the most fame as a Koala hunter prior to his presidency. At that time in the United States, giant, carnivorous Koala bears roamed the countryside, threatening pioneers and slowing expansion. Tyler was one of Koala Hunting's most successful early practitioners.

Acomplishments in Office[edit]

Tyler made a good deal of major accomplishments during his presidency. He became the 1st Vice President to succeed to Presidency. He made Florida part of the union. He approved of the annexation of Texas. He also signed the Treaty of Wanghin in 1844 which gained access to ports in China. Tyler managed to become President without a party. The Whigs denied him when he made a decision he thought was right.

Ultimate Trash President[edit]

Tyler is possibly the ultimate trash president as he was not only a trash president himself, but wedged between several other trash presidents and in a party that consisted of nothing but trash presidents.