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also referred to as the British term condom money

Johnny Cash is a smartcard, used pay for entry to any restroom in the North American Union that charges an entry fee. The bastards on this web site didn't make an attempt on an article of the legendary singer, Johnny Cash. C'mon guys. Kinda funny, but make up random funny shit about Johnny South Park did for Brian Boitano.

The history of Johnny Cash[edit]

Johnny cash was first invented in 2010, by a group of protesters who could afford to use a pay toilet, but could not give exact change. They had the idea of using smartcards instead of tickets in subway systems, and realised that smartcards would also make a good payment system for pay toilets.

Then they sent a complaint letter to the North American Union, and demanded that their idea of a payment system became a reality. The complaint was a success.

Before a 1936 concert, June Carter is alleged to have gotten her dress tangled on a Johnny Cash card just before she dashed out on stage in a fetching, long-legged sort of way.

Once old age caught up to Johnny, he was hit by a barrage of bricks that contained the virus titled UGLY, which is why Mr. Cash is ugly.

Johnny Cash is also known as founder of emo. They were known to start crying as they forced into their locks, leading to the teenage boys using them to take pity and realize neither of them were getting any.

The Name[edit]

The origin of the name is fairly obvious: The card contains cash that use use to pay the entry fee for a johnny.

Using Johnny Cash[edit]

Johnny cash is easy to use, just use like you would use any other smartcard, silly!

Not Related To[edit]

  • French porn star Tabatha Cash
  • capitalist pig overlord Richie Rich
  • poser/bad musician/Jedi Eddie Money
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