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Jordan. A country in the Middle East. One of the world's largest producers of Crude Oil, although this is one of the least amazing facts about this fantastic and intriguing nation. Due to the oil, it is a place that George Bush takes regular holidays to - sapping up all that oiliness. NB according to Bush, the sea was lovely and black and then he got high...too high for the worlds liking.

Trivia About Jordan[edit]

  • Jordan was listed by Hans Blix one of the most urgent reasons to ban further outbreaks of Eurovision Song
  • Jordan holds the record for the largest bra ever knittted
  • Jordan has a friend called Robin, who is Gay!
  • Jordan once Groped the lead singer of the popular rock band "black stone cherry"
  • The terrorist Don al-Duck is known to be active in this country
  • American chief George W. Bush has been critisized for being "too friendly" with this nation.
  • The fantasy work known as Epic Legends of the Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga was an export of this nation.
  • Jordanians are also known to be super proud of their pathetic ruled kingdom.
  • Jordan is known to have the best places for strippers and night clubs.
  • Smiling is a crime in Jordan!

jordanians best sport is suciding by eating shawerma.

Primary Exports of Jordan[edit]

  • Jordan Almonds -- a delectable treat found in covered bowls in living rooms around the world. Often these candies are selected to match the color scheme of said room.
  • Actual real working magic carpets
  • Textile Engineers
  • Beautiful women
  • Apparently, some amount of Crude Oil
  • Pirate games and DVD's
  • Terrorists, such as Arnold Al-Asswadnegger and Sean Claude Van Al-Dammit

Agriculture in Jordan[edit]

Since the extinction of foxes ( except the surprisingly intelligent artist fox that dwells in the icy wastes of Mauritania ) in 1972, the sole purpose of farming has been to supply unspecified sheep parts to the aristocracy of Jordan, where they are considered a delicacy. )

Major Urban Centers and Geographic Land Marks[edit]

  • Agrabah - the famous city of Disney's Aladin
  • Amman, The capital of Jordan; a city which is in territory hotly contested by the Palestinians
  • The Dead Tea A lake on the border of Israel , Palestine, and Jordan filled with incredibly salty tea.

Prominent Families of Jordan[edit]

Other Jordans[edit]

There is a supermodel ( Katie Price ) who goes by the name of Jordan, daughter of TV presenter Esther Rantzen. Taking the name of her home country she is a model by day and a crime fighter by night, championing the oppression and mysogenistic culture of her home nation.

Jordan is also the name of a desert region of Montana.

Jordan is also very cool, and once beat up Michael Jackson

Jordan is also the name of my boyfriend. He is sooo weird!


I'm Jordan and I stole all your girlfriends and now you's have nothing to play with but your own cocks