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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Joysticks.

Joysticks are a tool used to play Video Games. They come in three forms—right-handed, ambidextrous, and foot. Right-handed joysticks are only usable with the right hand. Ambidextrous joysticks can be used in either hand. Foot joysticks can be used with either foot. Right-handed joysticks frequently have more features, because specialization of the joystick leads to more space to place buttons and other gizmos. Foot joysticks are often mistaken for the gas pedal of a car.

The Joysticks are also the name of a sports team—the Minneapolis Joysticks, who play sockey.

Alternate Meaning[edit]

A part of the body used to "joy" one-self. Play with the one-eyed snake? Hit up the fat man? Talk to the lizard? *Hint Hint* *Wink wink* *Push push* Shove shove... yeaaaah.