Last Thursdayism

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Last Thursdayism. The truest thing ever.[edit]

First Spark[edit]

Many people upon the discovery of dinosaur bones concluded that Jesus and God never existed. However, true believers merely concluded the bones were placed to test our faith in God.

I lost my faith in God when someone spelled concluded wrong.


The founders of the religion decided to take this idea 4 steps further after having too many drugs and pizza. The original founders are unknown but Oprah , Grover Cleveland and Elvis are suspected to have been involved in its creation. The Pope has officially denounced the religion. Of-course, some people would then use this as a link to verify it is worth being a topic in a thread somewhere in the internet!


If bones were made to test our faith then what or who wasn't? Maybe you or I or the vikings who live down the road. Thursdayism declares that Everything Was made last thursday and any memories are there to test your faith in God.

Other Notes[edit]

The only patron saint of Last Thursdayism: St. Bob

Not in any way related to the Hedgehog religion