Live Flatulence

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Live Flatulence is the Third Live album by Ambient band Dream Theater. The album was recorded on the Nine Degrees of Outer Flatulence Tour


  • Nine Degrees of Outer Flatulence 0.02
  • The great cake 320:16
  • Metropolis part 2:The legend of scooby doo 01:19:20
  • c. The lightest of summer cooked potatos 4:12
  • Another stay 29:00
  • Metropolis Pt 1:The dresing room and the peeper 51:34


  • livin da vida loca 97:51


Mike Portopotty - Kazoos, percussion and backing grunts

Samuel L. Jackson - Michael Jackson's brother

Bob Builder (aka. Bob the builder) - Whale Noises

Pants - Forien Kid

Spider-Pig - The guy who keeps screaming at the audience saying "Dude Wheres My Car","Dumb-Ass" and "Turd-Face"