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Early Warner Bros Propaganda Logo

In the late 1940's, towards the End of The Second World War, experiments were afoot in the laboratories of the land they so proudly called the United States Of America. In some of these laboratories, they were testing Atom Bombs, but there was one laboratory in northern California run under contract from the US government by The Warner Brothers and the warner sister, Dot. Their prime cause was to avoid a second takeover of Congress by Disney characters - hence the term "Mickey Mouse Government". The two main scientists names were Yakko, and Wakko, who may or may not have been directly related to the Marx Bros. Wakko, being the more insane of the two, was primed with the mission to draw cartoons who would help to overthrow the evil Disney corporation by attacking their studios, and causing general violence and mayhem.

This would be offset by calling their characters 'The Looney Tunes', thus keeping the general media at bay and the public believing that they were just a load of clowns making a pitiful attempt at copying Disney.

The first of these cartoons created by the great Wakko was Bugs Bunny. He was evil in a way never seen before....The US army noticed and even considered using him on secret missions in the annual Wars. Wakko was much pleased by this positive result and went on to create even more evil characters such as Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.

The "Characters"[edit]

A local mistakenly thanks Bugs without realizing he will be killed.
  • Bugs Bunny - This seemingly innocent Rabbit has been marked as the possible prime cause of at least 2 Major wars since world war 2, thus leading to suspicions that Wakko did in fact contract him out to the US Army as a lethal weapon. His habit of tunneling under entire countries has proven a very useful tactic for the US Army, who can blow up things in other countries and then blame it on local militants. His trademark phrase "whats up, doc" is now feared more than loved, and indeed, many countries now have him on their prime suspect #1 list for signs of a possible invasion/overthrow by US forces.

Current whereabouts: Thought to be on secret mission inside syria, to start government overthrow by rebel factions

  • Daffy Duck - A character created by Wakko, also thought to have been contracted out to the US government, to help out the CIA on infiltration missions outside the US. Unfortunately, his weakness was soon displayed in a mission to retrieve vital documents with bugs Bunny from the Middle East, when they stumbled upon a cave of ancient treasure, and it was discovered that greed drove the ducks relentless mind.

Current whereabouts: Unknown, but he is rumoured to be detained at a top secret facility for insane toons.

  • Elmer Fudd - This character was so evil that even the US government would not touch him, and his numerous forays were normally to cause absolute mayhem and real violence in the Disney studios by disguising himself as one of the seven dwarves. A notably failed mission of his was the assassination attempt of Snow White.

Current whereabouts: Unknown, remains classified by the Warner studios.

  • Porky Pig - Created by Wakko as a propaganda machine by making people believe that the Warner Studios were in fact a load of clowns. His catch mark phrase was "Th-th-thats all folks!!", and this would sometimes stop the media from prying into the Warner Studios real missions.

Current whereabouts: Still works in "Public Relations" for the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister, on an unknown amount of money.

There were other characters created such as Sylvester The Cat, granny, Tweety Pie, and Pepe le Pew to name but a few, but they were mainly used in propaganda missions and diplomatic events. Speedy Gonzales was particularly useful in persuading the Mexicans that the US was really very harmless, and that they were too lazy to notice people sneaking across the border.