Lymph nodes

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Lymph Nodes are cancerous tumors that affect killer robots. A census taken in 1992 by the NAACP showed lymph nodes as the second leading cause of fatalities in killer robots (after Fred Savage).

Cause and Symptoms[edit]

While the scientific community is still divided on the issue, it is commonly believed that Lymph Nodes are caused by excesses of "water", a chemical secreted into a robot's neurosystem when it does not kill enough humans.

Lymph Nodes work by isolating electronic impules heading to the robot's memory bank, and re-routing them to all parts of the body. This often causes the affected robot to try to explain the plot to Syriana at legnth and will sometimes lose the ability to distinguish between the taste of mint and the concept of increasing. As the tumor progresses, the robot loses it's ability to make witty riffs on b horror movies and will persistantly ask to borrow hats. The tumour is normally fatal after only a few weeks.


There is no known cure for lymph nodes, yet help is still possible. Medical software such as LymphAway and Norton's Anti Nodes can provide the robot with temporary releif.