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“In Soviet Russia, Mad Magazine reads YOU!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Mad Magazine

The best in Tamia satire

~ Alfred E. Neuman

The MAD magazine can bite off chew, and swallow an entire hand with it's two teeth in about 11 seconds.

Mad Magazine is a magazine which features "BitterPerson", "James Monroe", And "Alfred A-New man" And besides the content of this magazine, Mad magazine is indeed a very angry magazine ( hence the name ) and has caused over 19 deaths in the last year.

The staff of the magazine consists of a few monkeys, an iguana, Alfred E. Neuman, and some idiots. It also features an article called "planet Tad" which is an actual website blog describing the planet "Smaglick" and the doomed race that has been enslaved by the feared "TAD". Planet Smaglick has been renamed to Planet Tad, and Tad is the official ruler, after he overthrew the planets current ruler "Digidoo". The MAD studios is also known for the abnormal amount of radiation in the offices, and side-effects on two of the MAD staff members include

  • The body of a cartoonist getting turned into a foot
  • The word "Jaffee" becoming surgically attached to a head of another cartoonist.

MAD magazine also has a letters to the editors page which includes the stern, yet funny comments of "Ed" ( Edward Jannsenn Saldivar Jeroe Lucas Kuriga the 2nd ). "Ed" is a horse, that can write somehow. Anyway, people are often angered at the fact that the MAD magazine staff doesn't feature their letters in the magazine, the reasons for that include the fact that a massive paper fight was started, or that Ryan Flanders has wet his pants yet again, and the paper from the letters were used to clean it up. So refrain from buring the building down for this fact...instead, resort to egging, or perhaps writing random adjectives on the backwalls, such as "sugary".

A MAD look at...[edit]

A recent issue of MAD.

MAD magazine is known for the feature "a MAD look at ______" which gives a MAD look at something. In this feature, the staff takes a MAD look at something. A MAD look at something is when MAD magazine takes a MAD look at something.When MAD has a MAD look at something the MAD look is a MAD look at something that very often makes no sense ( featured below ), in a MAD look at. A few featured subjects that MAD took a MAD look at are the following.

  • A mad look at Tamia
  • A mad look at hanging
  • A mad look at ketchup
  • a Mad look at fat Greek Kids
  • a mad look at Reuben Glaser's crap-tastic articles
  • a mad look at Carrot Top
  • a mad look at Chad Wick's face
  • a mad look at a mad look at a mad look at a mad look at.
  • a mad look at the ghetto
  • a mad look at sperm
  • a mad look at accountants
  • a mad look at hairspray
  • a mad look at you!

There are MANY MANY more, but that is for you write down, because you seem like the type to keep every single issue of MAD magazine in a glass case, and tell your friends to not look at them too hard or else cootie germs will get on them... or maybe not, but the chances of ONE reader of this article being all like that is likely...

this is an example of MAD look ats making no sense.

Alfred E.Neuman[edit]

Alfred's mugshot after stealing Joe Perry's original bottle of "Rock your world".

Alfred E. Neuman is known as the beautiful mascot of MAD magazine, hopefully to run for the Presidency in 2008. "What Jesus Worry?" His Ad Slogan. He is also a Spam smuggler, and has been known to trip old people in his spare time. He was last seen covering the private parts of Randy Spears, minutes after calling a local a Nevadan tourist, and stealing Joe Perry's original Pickle ...THE ORIGINAL PAN OF HOT LASAGNA! Thats like stealing "The Monroe Lisa". Anyway, Alfred was caught, and is the hardest of all infectious diseases to get rid of.



"Monroe" is the comic in MAD Magazine that follows the life of out past president "James Monroe" it is very interesting, and highly informative. It has been detirmined that he is indeed not an alien...but those things on his head are just hair, i guess.

Have a MAD look at also[edit]