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Welcome to Encyclopædia Dæmonica "The downfall of all humour, neatly placed in one URL" -- review

Encyclopædia Dæmonica was founded on December, 10th 2004, there are currently 4,832 foolz at your service.


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Uncyclopedia. Junky junky junk

To everyone who will listen to me, please do not go here because Uncyclopedia is the worst! None of its entries are ever funny after the first sentence. It is a total piece of junk. Junky junky junky junk! ALL OF IT!!!!!!!

For example, it makes fun of India, New Mexico , America, and many other countries. World terrorists who wreak havoc are judged as world leaders! Celebrities such as Bob Saget are treated as dictators! What a load of junky junky junky junky junky junk is this? If you go here that means you are ghey. And if you're ghey, you should probably start kitten huffing to make yourself feel better.

You guys suck. Your ideas about humour are lame. I suspect you all of being sophomoric lower beings, possibly Americans, who still have not tapped into the inner truth of irony beyond that crappy Alanis Morisette song...Seriously, I did not think it was possible, but you are far, far more evil than Jimbo Wales and Wikipedia. Why? Because you are control freak humour FASCISTS. The only purpose for the Uncyclopedia is to let a group of internet fASCISTS spend all their days e-burning e-pages. It's true and you know it. Don't e-lynch me because you are in denial. Have you even heard of Dada? I doubt it. Buttmunchers. Oh. You are buttmunchers. Oscar Wilde? Who gives a shit? Not funny in any sense ever. Your injokes are not funny, not even slightly. Seriously. Zork? Stop masturbating or you'll need brail computers. What's up with you people? Are you high? I WANNA GO HOOOOOME!!!!!!!!


Just a poor imitation of Encyclopedia Dramatica!

What the hell is this? An egg? Who ever heard of a hollow potato? And puzzle pieces? Whose gay idea was that? That's so 1980s! Terrible craftmanship. Seen better Photoshops in fourth grade classrooms full of blind children. Makes me sick.

And what the hell is that logo supposed to be - some sort of snake's egg? What sort of idiot thinks that looks good and by the way it is badly designed. If it is supposed to look like Wikipedia's logo it is just a feeble attempt at copying and copycats are just GaY!! As gay as a burst basketball would look. and What the hell are those featured pictures about. At least Encyclopedia drmatica use proper photographs and have some editing skils! Get photoshop you morons! Do you ever look at what you draw? Microsoft paintbrush became xtinct years ago! And MR. T stopped being funny yaers ago. GET A LIFE MORaNS!

Uncyclopedia is just a less funny version of Encyclopedia DRamaticca(which it copied)! This website isn't funny, at all, ever, in infinity!! They just try to ripoff ED, except G rated with unfunny people! Boring and dumb and all over the place. If Uncyclopedia were a house it'd be a condemned crack house. Who wants to read an article about some nerd's next door neighbor? Not me. Who cares about any of this crap? None of is real and your facts made me fail my history test. You know how wikipedia is useful and interesting? Well, uncyclopedia takes all of those sober, boring writers and gives them a place to attempt to write comedy material after they've been fired from UPN. Do you really want your nerdy classmates doing standup? I don't. Do you really want your nerdly classmates trying to play the Internet equivalent of paintball? The popular kid in school is - it's actually FUNNY!!!


Dont even get me started on 'kitten huffing'- this is just the sickest of the sick. What sadistic piece of shit came up with that? It might have been good if it was sunny but this is just a lack of intelligence. What sort of xample are we setting for kids reading? YOU guys should be SO SUED. Little immature think-they-are-smart children like me are going to grow up abusing poor little kittens and have warped senses of humor after reading this junk! This so called HUMOR is less fun than watching Barney! I LOVE BARNEY! BARNEY IS TEN TIMES THE DINOSAUR YOU COULD EVER HOPE TO BE! The fact that you abuse my favorite purple dinosaur makes my heart cry. Just a load of cheap jokes and bad jokes that are so over used that they become funny. But only to LOOSERS LIKE YOU. GETOFF THE INTERNET YOU JErkS!!!!!!!

The whole atmosphere is just warped and twisted. Everyone is an asshole. Useless Gobshite of the month? You are supposed to be rewarding good writing and general wikietiquette, not praising idiots who flame other innocent users and vandalise articles! If you ask me all the content on Uncyclopedia is much funnier vandalised. Your hostility towards 'noobs' scares potential new users away, and I am surprised you have more than 50 members! Crappy organisation! Junky junk.


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