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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Mark.

The Marks are credited with creating creativity and discovering discovery. They are also praised with the freezing of the Polar ice caps and the roughing-up of Santa Claus ( a ghastly yet inevitable result of Lapgate ). It has been said by many Marks that Marks have been given a bad name. I beg to differ: its concise nature and linguistic flexibility are equal to that of Bill ( a ridiculously good name ). A roll-off-the-tongue name, Mark is wizard in representing an improper noun ( a stain ) and a verb ( to stain ). Get your chin-pads on, it's time for some wordplay.

Genetic research[edit]

researchs have discovered that the marks attention span is too short, thus causing the inability to commite to one member of the female sex. when compaired to other species they have been found to be smaller minded, stupider, uglier, and emite a fierce odur that can kill smaller animals, children and old pensioners. While looking into the marks DNA scientists proved that the marks are direct decendants of the dung beetle, half shite collector, half human poop machines.


Straight people are baffled by the sudden burst of marks everywhere as the marks are most commanly found waring spandex and masterbate over gay pornography.


Over time, Marks have been involved in several famous battles.

  • Second World War Two;
  • The War on Terror
  • The War on Horror;
  • THE War;
  • The War on Slapstick;
  • The Hundred Years Arm-Wrestle;
  • The Storm in the Tea-Cup;
  • Pens against Swords;
  • My Dad against your Dad;
  • The War on Teenagers ( 'Say No To Puberty' )
  • The war on dandruff ( which he is losing )
  • The war on B.O. ( the marks most lethal weapon )

To name a few.

Modern Times[edit]

Today many marks have been found to be easily offended, and sulk for hours is ignored or told off ( much like dogs). They also need constant care and feeding or they may pee all over the floor.

As a Mark I feel it's my duty to point out that the AMDL (Anti Mark Deformation league) is against things that are not part of the part of what we're supposed to be thinking about. All names, apart from Mark are stupid. I mean stephen, who has ever heard of someone called that, in fact I just , made it up. The concept to a non mark name is just absurd!

The Final Solution[edit]

The international Jewish conspiracy has led us to believe that Hitlers name was "Adolf", but in fact it was Mark, which I and any Mark can back up with this Historical evidence

"It is because we say it is now fuck off Non-ark ( out name for non marks..and yes when we're speaking we do asides like this, usally your typical mark will hold up two cardboard brackets on either side of his head. This prevents a non ark from hearing what he's saying! Acording to out top scientests, who also invented the watch dog baloon..and the Tiger tank )"

So anyway, Hitlers REAL name was Mark Nancy Hitler the third. So I dont feel the need to fill you in on "The Great Mark revolutionary WAR!!!" or WW2 as idiots call it. But as I was saying, around 1942 Mark Hitler began to round up non-arks and concentrate them in camps ( of all things ), he would then show them their name ( names like Joe, and Jeb and Jack, and Jimmy, joke names ) next to a perfect MARK ( painted bu our most famous artist Mark De Vici but thought lost for 100's of years, and now the subject of a Dan Brown book ) when they would see their name mocked and deflated next to the perfect Mark ( also called the Mark Diamond ) they would release poisonous gas from their eyes..then die. Thats what happened! And we would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those pesky kids, and that dog!

Famous Marks[edit]

  • The Mark de Sade;
  • Mark;
  • Mark Owen;
  • Mark Little;
  • Little Mark;
  • St Mark
  • Marky Mark
  • Carl Marks
  • Full Marks
  • Question Mark
  • Mark the richard killer
  • King Mark, the last king of Scotland

Famous Mark Stuff[edit]

  • Mark Side of the Moon
  • Crayola washable Markers
  • Car Marks
  • Mark Anthony
  • permenentMARKer
  • Skid Mark
  • Marker pen

Mark Related Sayings[edit]

  • 'That's going to leave a Mark';
  • 'Get out, Mark Owen';
  • 'Mark my words!';
  • 'Mark, Leave that poor girl alone!';
  • 'Mark climb out of that toaster, damnit!'
  • 'Look at that slothful Mark!'