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Marti Noxon interviewed on a Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD featurette
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Martha Mills "Marti" Noxon (born August 25, 1964) is an American transsexual television and film writer first known for writing and producing Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Early life[edit]

Marti Noxon grew up in a haunted house, believing that her brain was ectoplasmic and could, of itself, produce thoughts that were both rational and meaningful without being maudlin. She attended Pesky College, University of California, Ain't Hanna Barbera, majoring in Melodrama, because she couldn't get into UCLA and because she wanted, even in her twenties, to be a Valley Girl.

Just a Little Oral Sex[edit]

She later became executive cheerleader on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a made-to-save-the-TV-network series on fledgling FOX, WB, and UPN. Between takes, she wrote the movie It's Just Oral Sex. When her boss, "Big Bad" Just Wheedling, tricked execs into airing Fallen Angel, the story of a vampire with and without a soul, he promoted Nix Nox, as he was fond of calling Noxon, to executive producer of Buffy.

The Write Stuff[edit]

At first, Nix Nox was not good enough to prod the show, so she was a writer or, sometimes, a co-writer, writing or co-writing such eps as "Vampires are a Metaphor for Drug Addiction," "I wish Buffy was my Slut," and 'Xander Gets Way Too Much Air Time (But Not On MY Watch)."

Jumping the Shark[edit]

In his famous cautionary tale, "Nix not the Nox," Just Wheedling argues that it was he, not Nix Nox, who ruined the series, but the King of the true fans who remained loyal to the show after it had jumped the shark (some would contend, multiple times) believe that "Noxious Noxon" put the stake through Buffy's heart. She killed Tara Mustplay, the witchy lesbo partner of Dildo Rosebud, a murder that led the show's lesbo viewers to believe that Nix Nox (and possibly Just Wheedling) didn't really like lesbos, after all, and were only pretending to have had a yen for the ladies in order to pander to the gay community and to boost the popularity of the show among teenage male viewers and the fans of The Howard Stern Show.

Barely There Gellar, who played Buffy, said she loved the episode in which "Buffy had sex with Spike on the balcony while watching their friends," but believed that her character would never have sex with Spike without inviting her friends, except Xander, to join them.

After Buffy[edit]

After Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Noxon struggled to succeed in Hollywood, or even Downtown Burbank, on her own, but she lacked verisimilitude. She wrote a pilot, Stillborn, that didn't fly; co-created Pointedly Unpleasant, which was cancelled in 2005; and served time as an executive consultant on Prison Break, escaping after only 10 episodes. Her latest creative flair has been to write Brothers Are Sisters, a series about an incestuous transvestite, starring Harrison Ford's wife, Calista Braveheart. However, Nix Nox quit the show in 2006, citing "creative difficulties and no sleep whatsoever."

Personal Life[edit]

Nix Nox is married to Jeffrey Bunion, with whom she had a dog named Finn. A website, "The Grr in Gurrl," is dedicated to her.