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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Mass.
A Mass in Church

I won't let my son, Egypt anywhere near one of those places

~ Alicia Keys

Mass is a game invented by the Catholic Church to make going to church more exciting. Mass tournaments are held every four years in the Great Mass Hall in Vatican City.

A game of Mass in action. This was the pivotal 1996 Mighty Monks vs. Dreamin Deacons game.

Happy golden sunshine time.

Elimination of Players[edit]

The game master during the opening ceremonies.

Players are eliminated by additional cues from the Priest. These cues include hand motions as well as spoken memorized phrases. Failure to do the indicated hand motion or a mistake in the spoken phrase gives a player one strike. Three strikes and a player is out of the game for good. If a team runs out of players, the team automatically loses.