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Once upon a time, a knight inherited some land. But the king was really pissed off about the amount of land the knight had inherited simply because HE wanted to own the land. So what if the knight launched an entire residential complex for homeless people using that land, whereas the king would have probably done nothing with it? He was the KING! DA KIIING!!! Nobody messes with DA KIING! So he fired the knight and sent his own group of knights to assassinate him. The knight caught wind of his plans and fled along with the homeless people. He then declared war on the king, who was then revealed to be some sort of evil wizard bent on taking over the world by hijacking the four elements of Japanese mythology: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

However, four of the homeless people were chosen to go on an RPG-style adventure to save the four elements from the evil wizard and give their noble knight the power to harness them. After countless years of grinding and leveling-up, they were strong enough to destroy the wizard's evil spell, thus enabling the knight to finish off the wizard and his reign once and for all. There was loads of triumphant music as the knight and his army of homeless people returned to their homeland victorious, and lived happily ever after....until the sequel came along, that is.