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Wikipedia doesn't have a proper article about Metatron. It really wouldn't help those so-called-experts by writing one either.

Metatron is the leader of the Archangels in some branches of Judaism and Christianity. His primary weapon is his arm-mounted fusion cannon, capable of levelling a city block in one blast, which he can sub-dimensionally link to a black hole, generating even more powerful antimatter blasts. He has a secondary weapon barrel mounted on his back, and can retract and replace his right hand with an energy mace.

Metatron as Humanoid[edit]

He is able to transform into Enoch, some dude from the Bible. Some crystal-fondling hippie freaks believe he lived for 300-odd years and then "transformed" into Metatron, skipping the age old process we like to call death.

Enoch invented books and writing, and as such, is the King of All Nerds. He began our descent into librarianism and litrocracy, and founded the secret leftist society of the Literati.

Metatron's Cube[edit]'sCubeB.jpg

Metatron's Cube, contains 30 "nodes"(or in layman's terms, circles), looks cool, and his soul gives birth to it. During the epic Hydrothermaclin battle, Metatron imprisoned Optimus Prime in this cube, and gained control of the Hydrothermaclin generator.

Metatron's Technical Data[edit]


Current User: The Vatican

Unit Type: Heavy-Assault Mobile Robot

Height: 19m

Weight: 83.1t

Construction: Luna Titanium alloy on Semi-Monocoque Frame

Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 7770 kW

Equipment: "Learning Computer" System, Re-Entry Coolant System, "Shroud of Turin" Cloaking System

Fixed Armament:

60mm Vulcan Gun x 4, mounted in head and shoulders

Righteous Flame Saber x 2, stored in recharge racks in hip armor

3-tube missile pod x 2, mounted on legs, carries Cherubium warheads

Ocular Laser Cannon x 2, because Eye Beams are awesome

Optional Hand Armament:

"Divine Voice" Sonic Disruptor Cannon x 1

Lance of Longinus x 1

Remote Weapons:

Force Shield Funnel x 6, stored on backpack storage rack

Omniscience Camera Funnel x 36

Metatron's Great Battles[edit]

Though his primary function is to analyze, record and store data, Metatron is by no means weak in the ways of war. However, at this time, we cannot describe any of his epic conflicts without it coming across as bad fan fiction.