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Military intelligence is the process of using cat's to find there umbrellas and kill them slowly will licking there face. Also the process of making zombie in order to take over the world with ZOMBIES to destroy all of life on earth.

Military intelligence is mastery of military tactics and strategery, and can be quantified by a measure called MIQ, or Military Intelligence Quotient. MIQ is defined as 200 minus the intelligence quotient (IQ); a person with a high IQ has a low MIQ and vice versa. As a result, the Commander in Chief will usually have a lower IQ than anybody else in the military, and sometimes the entire country.

Common ways of increasing one's military intelligence are not studying in school, repeatedly banging one's head against the wall, and, of course, reading Conservapedia for extended periods of time.

The public is meant to be fully aware of this data as soon as it is discovered, and avid news people will send this information over worldwide radio, television, the Internet, and even write detailed thesis reports as soon as the information is known. This helps to educate those who were not informed of such knowledge, now already common, because they shamefully neglected to turn on their TV in the morning.

You can usually spot an MI employee by the 50 extra pounds in the ass area, pretentious conversations, or generally unhealthy, unkempt appearance. Military Intelligence "professionals" have been known to play games like World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, or various other games designed for nerds.

The most obvious example of Military Intelligence is the belief held by the Military that guns are an effective solution to all the world's problems, not realizing that guns don't kill people; Magic Missiles do.