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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Mirabellplatz.

Mozart war hier

~ Alicia Keys über den Mirabellplatz

An area that includes a castle, a garden, and even a church in Salzburg, Austria. It is an area that was designed by the Ancient of Noodles Himself. The intention being to have a Heavenly paradise garden right here on Earth. It is so great, it was shown in the movie The Sound of Music.

Commentary by Alicia Keys[edit]

This really is a Heavenly place right here on Earth in Salzburg, Austria. It was modeled on the Beer Volcano Garden in Heaven. The Ancient of Noodles has privileged us to have such a place. No wonder Julie Andrews chose it for her movie. If you ever get a chance to visit Austria or Upper Bavaria, be sure to find some time to visit the Schloss Mirabell, and its nearby garden. I know that you will not be disappointed.