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Some people claim the moon landings were a hoax. However, they have never been able to satisfactorily explain away contrary evidence such as this image.

The Moon ( not to be confused with the Smoon ) is a sphere-shaped lump of cheese that orbits Earth. Most of the time, it is visible only by night, when the glow of fluorescent cheddar cheese on the surface of the moon is visible due to the lack of sunlight. Ancient people, tribes and societies worshipped the moon as a goddess, sacrificing "virgins" to it. The moon consists of cheddar cheese. In the old times, people used to think that The Moon was made of stone, which was obviously ridiculous and thus obsoleted in 1969 by the space mission Apollo 11. The moon can be noticed switching places irrationally throughout the month. This is called Lunar behaviour and has a weird effect on some people, making them do radical Moon-related things, such as taking part in Moon Pie eating competitions and howling at the moon. These people are called Lunatics and Politicians. The Moon has distinct phases, which are known as Full Moon, Half Moon, New Moon, and Keith Moon. All of these phases occur monthly in a random manner, but since Keith Moon's death in 1978, The Moon has had only three phases. Keith Moon's death had a major effect on lunar behaviour, which caused severe flooding, unnatural changing of the tides, and an increase in the amount of lunatics.

Keith Moon

Major Locations[edit]

There are a few places that are a must-see for anyone planning a trip to The Moon.

  • Apollo 11 landing site

This is actually located in two places: Hollywood, LA and The Moon. This is because NASA was afraid that Apollo 11 would never reach their destination, and built an alternative Moon landing site in a movie studio to receive the bonuses, whatever happened to the mission.

  • The Seas

The moon has large, darker areas across its surface, which are known as the "seas" of The Moon. These large expanses of water are the main reason that the moonmen are able to survive. There are no creatures living in these seas, as they are filled with pollutants from the moonmen, who have two mouths and several recta.

In the 1940's, when defeat seemed inevitable for the nazis, they built a base on the dark side of the moon to regain their military strength and start another Holocaust. This moon base was also responsible for the Boxing Day Tsunami in South-east Asia, by slightly changing the moon's orbit, thus creating a tidal wave. The moon base is now used to monitor the world's thoughts by Nestlé, a division of the Nazi party.


  • Moonmen

The moonmen are short, squat creatures which bear a passing resemblance to the lower castes of the human race they are capable of rudimentary communication, which takes the form of grunts and "alright mate!", as well as Elvis impersonations.


The gesture known as "mooning" actually started as an inside joke of the NASA, when the first TV images of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon showed him descending the pants of his space suit, and bending over, thus revealing his behind to the TV camera. For some reason, NASA officials decided that that had to be edited out, and Neil Armstrong should climb back to the landing pod for a retake of the same scene, with him repeating the famous phrase about big leaps and mankinds to test whether the radio was functioning. This caught on, and became the punchline of the Moon landing. Nowadays, "mooning" is considered as a secret salute of NASA.

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