Moon landing hoax

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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Moon landing hoax.

Created in Hollywood, some scholars believe the Moon landing hoax was actually recorded thousands of years before it was released. Infact, footage of the lunar landing was discovered in the Gaza strip by a young boy while he was tending to his flock in 1942. It was a huge flock. A flock for the ages they might call it. Some even believe it was this "flock" that discovered the beta tape. Did I mention the footage was on a beta tape? that's very important. I shouldn't leave that out. Anyhoo. This boy would later go on to become who we all know and love as Osama Bin Laden. Not to be confused with Obama the senator. Some people get that mixed up. The U.S. government quickly found out about Osama's discovery and sent over some Marines to kick his ass and take the tape (Semper Fi, Bitches). Osama was so enraged, he vowed to one day declare jihad on all Ameircans and infedels. This is how the war on terror began.


The real reason the Apollo didn't land was that the landing gear was unable to land on the surface. As you all know, landing gear needs hard ground to land on, its common sense. The NASA scientists actually sent numerous UAVs to the moon ( oh yes, they had them!! ) but all of them seemed to sink into the moons surface, where they were then destroyed. By what is still a mystery. After 4 UAVs went down, the scientists finally realised. "Why dont we stick a probe on it". the mission was succesful, and they found out why the UAVs were sinking into the planet. It was in fact, made of cheese.

Nasa has provided evidence to prove that they did, in fact, land on the moon such as this image taken by Neil Armstrong in the Sea of Tranquility.

Of course, this didnt make sense, why didnt people ever hear of this? and there it is. the greatist thing of all. everyone knew about it. you remember the song about the old man who lived on the moon. that was true. it turns out that the story was actuallya translation from an ancient egyptian script. So the scientists tried to alter the landing gear but were unable to. this is when they decided to use the role of tape.


Neil Armstrong a.k.a. King Kong climbed onto the central C.I.A. base on the moon in search of his long lost mother, but he failed because Luke Skywalker shot him, and Luke was in turn killed in mortal combat by Chewbacca.