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A film directed by Mel Gibson
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Movies are essentially redepictions of the tragedies of others. They have baffled psychologists as it was found in a study conducted by the government that the majority of movie goers remain expressionless when watching the loss of life, limb, heartbreak, hatred and racism. Moreover it was found that people were often willing to pay money to see such movies, as well as buy food to enjoy themselves while watching it.

To this day psychologists still do not fully understand why human beings enjoy watching such movies. Perhaps it is the thought of paying a lot of money to the movies, sitting with stupid noisy people crunching their popcorn, while getting your eyes and ear bombarded by huge screen and noise. Yes, we love movies.

There are also comedy movies, but those are just stupid. There are also drama movies, but those are just stupid. There are also sci-fi movies, but those are just stupid.