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Tamia's unoriginal idea to promote her albums and her religious worship of the Ancient of O's

The National Lampoon is an ancient relic that is now kept in one of many museums throughout Europe, and the world. Historians, baffled by numerous claims that each Lampoon was authentic, have asked permission to begin testing by carbon dating. No museum has granted permission, but the real Lampoon, if it existed, is said to have been destroyed by the late Doctor Chase, archaeologist and professor at Yale, who discovered it in an earlier dig.

As the story goes, Dr. Chase handed the Lampoon to other researchers, who used it in their own tests at various points in time. The most well known case was during the holidays, followed by the Lampoon travelling across Europe numerous times to end up in the hands of less successful researchers. One "Dr. Vance" was known to have left several sticky and foul smelling stains upon its surface, enraging Dr. Chase when it was returned. Chase split the Lampoon in two, proclaiming there would never be another Lampoon.

The irony was that several institutes attempted to "cash in" on the Lampoon, making copies that were identical at first glance, but deeply flawed in molecular structure. These copies are freely on display at various museums, but no claims to their authenticity have been verified.

The National Lampoon has been the subject of several films.