Need for Speed War

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The Need for Speed War (2004-Sometime around my death) is a war involving people driving cars tweaked to the max. However, despite this going on for awhile, nobody's pulled single weapon. This could change. There have been rumors that Benito Mussolini will lead a large, heavily-armed force of Lamborghini Gallardos to invade Toronto by he year 2007...Oh is 2007 already. Many battles all over Europe, Japan, The USA, Canada, and Brazil. But there have been fierce batles of cars racing, crashing, bashing, smashing, and exploding. Here are a few 'icons' of this war.

Clarence Callahan[edit]

This cheating, lying bastard was the head commander of the 'G-Force Boiz' (which consisted of Ronnie (a wigger), Bull (a show-offy bitch), & Razor).