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Netphoria is an internet messageboard centred around B0lly Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins. It was created by actor Scott Bakula and has been running for seven years, seven days and seven hours. It has members from many obscure countries, including New Zealand, Belgium, and Canada.

Prominent members include

  • MonteLSD
  • Alive
  • Slimey34
  • tammy
  • hendy
  • spa_ced
  • tumoraXsault
  • ohnoitsjulio
  • The Esty Army
  • GreenStar
  • South
  • Past Boy


In May 2005, a nude picture of Billy Corgan's touring skin flutist Linda Strawberry was posted on Netphoria. Linda herself posted on the site, saying that Netphoria was the greatest fan site on the Internets. She then deleted said posts. The image itself is now imagera non grata.