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In 1948 The Queen's Dad let New Zealandahs have their own parliamentary system. New Zealandars took to constitutional reform while on some seriously hard drugs: "Let's abolish our upper house, and work out what to have instead later" (1950) and, "Let's have half the seats in parliament filled by people who don't have to stand for election, and call it MMP" ( 1996 ) are two of the country's landmark reforms.

From 1948 until 2008 Nuy Zealand had their own Labour Party Fuhrer/Dictator ( Helen Clark ) ( Gender unknown ) who ruled over New Zealand with an iron fist. Towards the end of his reign Ms Clark's iron disease spread throughout His whole body (similar to the Iron Lady of England, Margaret Thatcher) and he had to be removed from office by a forklift truck. Another fallout from Mr Clark's decline was foreign Minister Winston Peters who got the sack, not because he was flakier than Helen Clark's scalp, but because all his constituency had finally died.

New Zealand has an extremely egalitarian approach to who can run for office. Women, and the term is used loosely, are merely required to be mind-bogglingly ugly, and men need only be white-collar criminals.