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Niger is a locust-infested desert wasteland in the Sahara; a thick forest, with thick canopy from the sun. Usually a hunter's paradise, where you can hunt snakes and snakes and snakes... and also Snakes on a Plane.

The capital city of Niger is -or was -known to be Please.

The Sahara also has a large factory that makes pinto beans out of exploding Ford Pintos.

The citizens of Niger are called Niggers.

The Niger region of the Sahara was home to several epic battles, including most of World War II, that time I fought Galactus and won, and it was also the place where they shot that scene from The Hulk where Hulk gets pissed and goes ape shit on some tanks. Remember that? That was tight...

Interesting Things[edit]

Going To Safeway

Niger stands for Now I've Got Empty Refrigerators. Despite the insanely high birthrate, there are only about 4,000 remianing people in Niger as there is no food. It is expected that the reaiming population will be dead or fled the country by the end of the year.

Niger is also a pejorative used to describe people of African descent.


Desert? Oh drats, I'd wanted dessert.

4,000, but declning by the day. There is, however, no food. You can't have everything...

Queen Latifah, the queen of Niger at the time, angered Moses and swarms of locusts immediately descended and consumed nearly all crops in parts of the country during the 2004 agricultural season. In other areas, insufficient rainfall resulted in an exceptionally poor harvest.

As there is no food, at least tourists don't have to tip waiters and waitresses.

Mr Burden is the hagis champion and likes saying niger

Niger is a wasteland

Tourist info for Niger[edit]

Tourists: Before departing to the Sahara Desert into a wasteland of starvation and no food, you may want to consult a shrink. Still, it can't be any more dangerous than New Orleans and is nowhere near as soggy. You might also want to consider visiting Chad instead, as he's from Florida and voted for George W. Bush.