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Ninja Pirates[edit]

The Ninja Pirates are a hybrid between the ninja and pirate. Previously, it was thought that it was impossible to breed the two, but that science guy, Steven Hawking found out they're actually extremely SAVAGE. An average ninja pirate can kill a lot of people in their lifetime.

Creation of the Ninja Pirates[edit]

Twenty-two years ago, a mad scientist planned to create the most evil, diabolical being in the universe, besides Barney. He originally wanted to use a pirate, ninja, lawyer and con man to create it, but he could only find the first two. He put essence of pirate and ninja formula into a machine that goes ping. A new creature emerged, a prototype ninja pirate called ENP-1 (the E is for evil).

What to do if you run into a Ninja Pirate[edit]

If you run into one, drop your pants, it will probably get disgusted and do seppuku. If that doesn't work, then Run like the dickens. If that doesn't work, just kill yourself, it's not as bad as being killed by a ninja pirate.

How to kill a Ninja Pirate[edit]

I probably should have said this before you ran like the dickens, but to kill a ninja pirate, ask it if it would rather say ARR or Hi-yah!!! it will become so confused, it will go kablooey.