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~ Stevie Nicks
Box art for Nintencats: Hymalayan & Friends

Nintencats is a videogame developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. Very few videogame fans know of this game, which came out in Japan 6 months before the very popular Nintendogs. Terrible sales ensured that the game never came out in North America. Game critics have declared this game incredibly frustrating and intensely realistic. This is definitely sad.

This is the original version of nintencats.


Players buy their Nintencat at the beginning of the game, choosing from a variety of available breeds, then spend time with their new pet. They try time and again to call their Nintencat to play with them, without success.

Nintencats is completely different from Nintendogs. If you thought trying to teach some dogs who always listen was hard, be prepared to insert this game into your DS. You must then use the touch screen and mic to launch this game far away. After it fails to recognize that you're trying to launch this game.

  • Use the Nintendo DS microphone for breathtaking realism! Give your Nintencat a name by saying it out loud, then get ignored by your Nintencat every time you try to call him.
  • Put your Nintendo in "Scratch Mode" when you leave for work, and try to discover which piece of furniture your Nintencat has destroyed while you were away!
  • Use your stylus for a variety of exciting tasks, such as cleaning the litter box full of poop, trying to give your cat a pill up his butt, or picking up hairball-filled vomit!
  • Your Nintencat can socialize with others! If you are not careful to close the door and all the windows, your Nintencat can escape at night. Your Nintendo DS will wake you up with an alarm at around 2:30 in the morning, so you can go bang on a can of cat food with a spoon, all the while repeatedly calling your Nintencat's name! Your cat may get eaten by a T. Rex.