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For those with more Christian tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about O.

British Spelling: OU

Exclamation made when visiting an Uncyclopedia page that, like this, has no meaningful content.

In speech, it is almost always partnered with the accusative conductive forstrative case of the word -shit, example: "O, Shit!!!"

O, defenders of Middle Earth[edit]

In 66 BC, the O's were attacked by the X Army. They both fought valiently until John Madden killed them all. When the Sesame Street satanists revived the alphabet that John Madden had killed, the O's became black people. They were sent to Russia to kill off the red scare, but they were almost wiped out, if it wasn't for the fierce warrior Leeroy Jenkins, who was actually descended from an E. The X commies died, but so did the black people O's, and then Jaws was released on DVD.


O is the international symbol for the human "ecstasy face" facial expression. It is found on-line as a grading mark for donkey porn. Good quality burro flicks get a capital O.

Grand Prix[edit]

Rolling O was a legacy winner in the Alphalympic Grand Prix, with a 3000 year winning streak. A victory was so expected in the diurnal races that the trophy was bolted to the trophy case in the motor pool of Team Vowell. A jingoist furor ensued in 1977 when ~ yoinked the trophy from O.

The Irish O[edit]

O makes everything seem more Irish. O is a party animal. On any occasion requiring the beefing up of something's Irishness, an O just need be added to any proper noun.

  • O'Dog - A hotdog made of cornbeef, in a sodabread roll with cabbage relish and Grey

Marmite mustard.

  • O'Schwartenstein's - an Irish themed restaurant located outside every American Mall shopping center. In Canada, it is known as O'Schwartenstein's Canadian Grill, and adds a Maple Leaf to the logo.
  • O'No - Last name of John Lennon's reported widow. Yoko was originally Yoko No, but due to considerable pressure from the Broccoli Intercontinental Combine on the trademark of the last name No, she added an O' in front of it and has been beloved by the Irish ever since. This in turn caused an irreconciliable difference between John and Paul and a break up of the Beatles ensued.
  • Talk O'Bell - The long distance telephone division of Yummy Yummy Yummy Brands, specializing in low rates to the home country of The Republic of Ireland
  • Tip O'Neill - Irish, Original name : Thomas P'Neill - not Irish. Probably Klingon.
  • John O'oward - The rumoured ruler of the lost continent Australia